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T-Mobile Croatia d.o.o., Zagreb
CTing has designed a line of projects of electical instalation and equipment of basic mobile communication GSM and UMTS networks across Croatia.

Reconstruction of castle "Ratimir", Varaždin
Reconstruction of interior of castle in bussines premises.

Shop of elite cosmetic products and wear
"Mediafarm-Söhnel", Varaždin

Special hospital, Varaždinske Toplice 
Lightning and engine instalations of a complex of outdoor and indoor swimming pools.

Varaždin diocese 
Project of electircal and lights instalations of bishop residential quarters. By the side of this project there were multiple projects of light and electric wireing instalations in churches in Croatia and abroad 
eg. Lights of park and portal of church in Topusko,
      some churches in Varaždin,
      Church of St. Katarine, Lendava (Slovenija)

Economy school, Varaždin
Adaptation and reconstruction of school cabinets

City Varaždin
Designing of public lighting of famous boulevard of Vatroslava Jagić in  Varaždin, and other projects of high and low power electrical networks and public lighting in other town parts.

History museum of city Karlovac
Designing lighting in Histry museum of city Karlovac.

These are just some of the projects that were accomplished during these 12 years of our existence.

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