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Information about software support and application ownership

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All inquiries and questions related to the application should be sent to the email address:


LightningRisk v4.0

Application price: 299,00 €
NOTE: VAT not included in price.

In price of application are included:

  • 5 machine licence (application is able to be installed on 5 different PC machines)
  • in each licence there are 5 different activation possible (5 times you can activate your copy with different serial number)
  • update of major application version (eg. if you bought 3.0 version, new updates of 3.x are free of charge and included in price)
  • newsletter about news
Additionally annual licence renewal : 40,00 €
NOTE: this will applay only on current release version!

Shopping in 3 steps!
a) STEP 1

Registration your company by filling in required informations on registration form of application as shown on picture above. As you don't have serial number for your licence, leave that field empty. After you fill in all informations push "Registration" button.
When You receive an invoce on Your email, do a payment. After receiving payment on our account Your licence will be activated.
Your activation will be followed by invoce sent by mail on Your address.

  • name of your company on registration form will be used on calculation report. If you have made a mistake, filling in informations, you can make an update in our customer database aftewards by pushing "Update" button.
    In case of mistake, upon registration, please contact us by email to be able to update Your invoice.

b) STEP 2

After Your licence is activated You can require your serail number just by clicking link "Get serial number" on "About" form. Our page will be opened in your web browser showing your serial key.

c) STEP 3

Required serial number copy and paste to registration form, as shown in the picture above and push "Update" button. By doing this, the activation of Your licence is finished. Restart the application so all changes could be updated and enjoy Your work.

d) Your version

After registration you can check or change informations about Your company filling in and pushing "Update" button!

If there are any questions or problems please contact us at email address:

Instalation v4.0 on previous installation:

If you are using version 1.x/2.x/3.x, you need to uninstall that version before being able to install 4.0. Registration proces after installation of new version is described above.

Contact us with full confidence!


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